Ballard County Waterfowl Festival

The 4th annual festival is coming October 18-20, 2019.

Welcome to Ballard County Waterfowl Festival

The Ballard Bottoms Tourism Council is hosting the 4th Annual Ballard County Waterfowl Festival on October 18-20 of 2019.  Don’t let the name of the festival fool you, this is a festival for all outdoor recreation and for all ages.  We will have several events and activities in progress at all times, including the highest paying calling competition in the nation.  Look below for more details; we can’t wait to see you in October.

Rated One Of The Ten Best Outdoor Festivals In Kentucky

The Ballard County Waterfowl Festival is rated as one of the “Top-10 Outdoor Festivals in Kentucky” by Step Outside.  Click on the logo above to read the full article.

Ballard County Water Fowl Festival 2019 Official Schedule of Events

Upcoming Events

The festival will begin on Friday afternoon with food and live music as the kick off.  Vendors will be setting-up Friday afternoon and are being strongly encouraged to remain set-up through Sunday afternoon.  Saturday night will as well show case music and food.  We will have a lazar tag course for the whole family, and possibly a chainsaw-carving artist doing demonstrations and raising money for charity.  Of course SAS will be back with the helicopter offering aerial tours of Ballard County.  For those that want to worship on Sunday morning, we have them covered as well.  A local church will be holding a worship service Sunday morning prior to the beginning of the competition.   The service will be open to all and is a come as you are atmosphere, no need for a tie!!!  Last year this drew 150 people wanting to worship before the days activities.

Southern US Open Calling Contest

This is the Premiere Event and was one of the highest paying waterfowl calling contest in the United States.  The contest spans 2 days, with several classes so that anyone from a young child to a veteran caller could participate.   We attract the very best callers in the nation.  

This year we are growing it.   The contest will run the same format but the purse will grow to over $25,000.00 + prizes.  The Duck Open and Goose Open will each have a grand prize of $7,500.00 + prizes.   The best in the nation will there and we will again pay 10 places. 

High Tails Dog Jumping

We are having our own unique High Tails Dog Jumping event this year.   In this 2-day event dogs are tested on their ability to long jump and a swimming retrieve.  A large pool is set-up and the dogs jump from a dock (platform) after a dummy, each jump is measured and the longest jump wins.  We will also feature a Duck Dash (timed retrieved of bumper or duck to end of pool).  This is open to anyone with a dog, but there will be professionals competing as well.  Even with the huge success it had last year, we expect an even larger turn out this year.


On Saturday a Kayaking event will be hosted by Hooper’s Outdoor Center and will showcase on the beautiful Big Turner Lake.   Ballard County is home to some of the most wonderful and beautiful Oxbow Lakes and Cypress Swamps in the United States.  Last year we got really good response from this and we plan to grow it this year.  


Also on Saturday there will be a Wheels & Wings bicycling event.  This will be an unsupported ride with at least 2 routes.  One will be shorter for a family, and the other will be longer for the more experienced cyclist.  The routes will showcase the natural beauty of our little community and all the different things we have to offer for outdoors recreational. Again this event has been a great success and is only expect to grow in 2019. 

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